A World of Apps: Best Alternative Apps for Photo-Editing

Millions of people may be using Instagram to modify their pictures and share them with their social networks but is it truly the best application for photo-editing available on mobile devices? Or is Instagram’s actual appeal the ability to instantly share your images with friends while viewing theirs? The sharing experience is the driving force behind social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Getting instant feedback on your daily activities is one of the reasons why people flock so readily to these free services.

Below are a few apps that possess the same ability to edit photos just in case you decide that Instagram and their new policies shenanigans no longer appeal to you:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express – This app allows you to use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos from your mobile device. You can choose from a variety of one-touch effects, or just drag your finger across the screen to crop, rotate, or adjust color to your images. Special Effects include Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette Blur, Warm Vintage, Rainbow, White Glow, Soft Black and White. Artistic filters like Soft Focus or Sketch can also be added.

2. Photo Editor by Aviary – Aviary is a powerful photo editor which was created as a quick way to edit your photos. You can also share to all your favorite social networks right from Aviary. Aviary has 25 million active monthly users, and partners with 2,500 applications such as Flickr, Yahoo Mail, Imgur, Twitpic, Shopify, RockMelt and MailChimp.

3. Snapseed – Snapseed Mobile is a fun and powerful app designed to enhance and share your photos. Snapseed puts the power of photographic enhancements at your fingertips and makes it possible for anyone to enhance, transform, and share photos.

4. Pixlr-o-Matic – This fun and simple ‘darkroom’ app makes it easy to add an effect, overlay and border to get that retro, grunge, clean or stylish look. Pixlr-o-matic is a photo-editing app which will allow you to apply a number of effects to your images.

5. Camera+ – There are two ways to use the Camera+ app. You can either work with images already in your iPhone’s photo library, or take new pictures and edit them. For the latter, Camera+ includes an image stabilizer to reduce the effects of camera shake, a self-timer and a burst mode.

As you can see, there is a plethora of photo-editing apps available in both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play. Other viable apps include Tadaa, Photopal, Best Camera and FX Photo Studio which all offer the same photo-editing and special effects to your photos. The unedited fact is that mobile photo-editing is not a monopoly even though some apps may be more preferred and used than others. There is a mobile photo-editing app for everyone.

Places to Visit in San Diego

People searching for a range of food, outdoor activities, culture, and weather must plan for a vacation to San Diego. This modern, large, enthusiastic and sunny city is in southern California and ranked as second largest city in California and seventh largest in the U.S. It has pandas at the zoo. You could visit Balboa Park, museums and also know about its Mexican origin, relish food, music and crafts in Old Town or visit near Tijuana, which is at the south border.

San Diego Zoo:

This zoo, in Balboa Park spreads across 100 acres, is among the largest and creative zoos, established in 1915. This favorite spot have large bird sanctuary, natural habitats and giant pandas, Su Lin. It is famous for its African rain forest, aviary, tundra polar bear and Koala bears in the Eucalyptus forest. Visitors can take African safari or hot balloon ride over those exhibits. In December, it becomes wonderland with lights, Santa, carols and closer confrontation with animals.

Balboa Park: A San Diego Vacation Must

Balboa Park, found in 1868 has many restaurants, shops, gardens, theaters, situated on a high plateau. It has Arts Museum, Photographic Arts museum, Fine Arts museum, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and IMAX Theater. Many buildings are along El Prado, which is across the park and are good examples of Spanish eclectic. Other attractions include Shakespeare Globe Theater recreation and Spreckels Organ Pavilion.

Tijuana: A “South of the Border” San Diego Vacation

It is 15 minutes from south San Diego and is the fourth largest city of Mexico, which enters into Baja Peninsula. It has Avenida Revolucion as a tourist spot. It has Mexican restaurants, earthy bars, pasajes and Palacio Fronton, which is a fake Moorish palace, having fountain at front and has Jai a Lai matches. Visitors may reach there by a car or a trolley, which is frequent from downtown. Ensure to carry passport or certified birth certificate along with photo identity for entering Mexico.

Places to Visit in Melaka Malaysia

Whether you are a backpacker or an ordinary tourist, if the way you roll isn’t much all about beaches and mountains, and you can settle for a historical trip, then a trek around the small state of Melaka (alternatively Malacca) in Malaysia is for you. It is first founded in 1400 AD when a Sumatran prince arrived in the country after being banished from Temasik (a.k.a. Singapore). Being a hot spot for spice trade, Melaka, Malaysia attracted a bunch of conquerors from the Portuguese (1511), the Dutch (1641), and the British (1826). Malaysia finally claimed independence in 1957.

As you may gather, Melaka, Malaysia has a rich history and culture that are best met face-to-face. Here are a few recommended places to visit there, should you be up for the trip.

Melaka Heritage Trail

The state’s colonial past is very rich and most definitely adds to its natural allure. In the Melaka Heritage Trail, there is the Dutch trail where the remnants of the state’s Dutch and British era stand in the form of Christ Church. It was built without using any nails in the Dutch era, but is taken over and reinvented as the Anglican Church when the British took over. There is a rather odd placement of a weathercock on top of it, too. Entrance is fee but fees may be charged should you want to take photos of the church’s interiors.

Melaka Zoo and Night Safari

The Melaka Zoo and Night Safari is an ideal place most especially if you are visiting with kids. Children will definitely enjoy the sights within the zoo’s premises as it is enclosed with alluring greens that evokes a real rainforest. You can imagine the effect that this brings to the visitors and to the animal themselves. It feels like you are one with nature. The entire zoo is very spacious and offers a great choice of species to learn more about, including: wildebeests, Malayan gaur, iguanas and tapirs. They also have a nice aviary and an amusing Orang-utan.

Palau Besar, Melaka

Here is a site that will satisfy your sight and historical cravings. Or even more.

A large island, Palau Besar is infamous for its Islāmic tombs and gravestones that for many years have been a preferred pilgrimage site among Islams. Sultan Al Ariffin Syeikh Ismail, a known Islam prophet in 1400AD, is buried around the island. There are a lot of news of information about Melaka that you will learn during your visit in the island. There is a small museum covering just that. And after a long day of trekking and cultural/historical studying, you deserve to pamper yourself by dipping in the clean, beach waters.

Make sure that you drop by the Elves’ Village on your way though, and as you walk, absorb all the odd rock formations that are around the island. Speaking of which, you may also enter a cave of Gua Yanos, a site that is said to have been a venue for practice of mysticism and silat, a type of Malaysian martial arts.

Best Things To Photograph At The Sonoran Desert Museum

Tucson has a one of a kind museum know as The Sonoran Desert Museum. It is not a place filled with artifacts like many would assume from its title; it is a botanical garden and zoo! The museum hopes to foster in its visitors the seeds of what it could be like to live with nature instead of destroying nature to live.

The museum is set within the Sonoran Desert which makes it warm and airy with a lot of it being out of doors; you will feel genuinely connected to Arizona and its native wildlife. Allowing eye to eye contact with the animals that you can photograph, this is one venue that you will not want to be without a way to take home all the memories.

There are two aviaries that always make for good picture taking. One is specifically just humming birds. You will be able to capture the splendor that is the magnificent Hummingbird. Getting close ups of some of the beautiful and rare birds native to the desert area is a breeze. Both are filled with the native floral wonders including many of the differing species of cacti.

Mountain lions, prairie dogs and all sorts of other native animals make this their home. The animals found in The Sonoran Desert Museum will be some that you are familiar with but they also house many of the states more exotic creatures. The Javelina can only be seen if you take the loop road but it will be well worth going in search of. The “Skunk Pig” takes a great photo if you can focus on him in his harried state.

If you are going to visit this place of wonder you need to make sure you have enough charged batteries; almost everywhere you look there will be something that is just begging you to take a picture of it. The Sonoran Desert Museum has over 300 animals and 1200 plants and the arrangement of the plant life is such that you will be inspired to take more and more photos as you meander through the two miles of pathways on the 21 acre site.

This is a beautiful and fun place to take the family. It is as educational as it is fun. The best time to get photographs of the animals it to get there early in the day before the desert heat sets in. Like us, the animals will try to stay in the cool by finding some sort of shade as the day’s temperature creeps into the 90s. Plan on being there for at least four hours, that way, you will be able to see most of the animals and other splendors of the desert. You will never forget what you did or saw while visiting the Sonoran Desert Museum but take pictures anyhow for keepsakes to share with all your friends and family.